We have a unique, versatile shooting system providing many amazing features such as adjustable velocity and interchangeable calibres (FAC only). Our air guns are used by people ranging from target shooters to government bodies. Our goal was to offer an entire shooting system that allows for modifications and upgrades as the shooter’s interests or needs change.

When you purchase one of our models, don’t think of this as one rifle, think of it as a changeable platform to meet a variety of shooting needs. Our rifles offer advanced design, performance, and versatility for every shooter. With our precision German made barrels and recoilless design producing high levels of accuracy, shooters trying a GunPower air gun soon discover the major advantages of our PCP system.

In 1994 Geoff Darvill came up with the idea of using the air cylinder of a pre-charged rifle as the stock instead of placing in front of the rifle. This meant the balance of the rifle was better because the weight was to the rear and gave the possibility of greater efficiency because the tank was in-line with the barrel. He teamed up with John McCaslin based in Texas to design and improve the idea.

In December 1997 the GunPower Stealth was born. At the time it was unique, a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle giving over 500 shots per fill in .22(5.5mm), with no wood on the rifle it was incredibly light and when launched was the least expensive pre-charged air rifle in the world. Since then the design has been continually improved with the launch of the Stealth 2000 the safety was improved, together with the introduction of Lothar Walther precision match grade barrels in all the guns. The Shadow was introduced for the American market having an integral silencer, and AirForce Airguns was set up to supply the US market. Later the Storm and then the SSS (at the time the world’s most powerful airgun at 60ft/lbs) were added and in the last decade the Edge Target rifle was launched. In 2013 the XS, an integrally silenced SSS and the Hellcat the U.K.s first 12ft/lb pistol (50ft/lb for export) were also launched.

Gunpower is now exporting to over 30 countries worldwide and reliability is at an all time high. Several copies of the rifles have been tried but none have succeeded in emulating the features of the high tec weapons now produced by Gunpower. The light weight, accuracy and high shot count cannot be matched by any other manufacturer, and GunPower are still the only U.K. manufacturer to give a life time first owner warranty with all their hunting rifles. Small wonder that GunPower are growing every year with an increased market share and an ever swelling following.